The work of Rodent extermination differentiate into two main groups. The pest control of mice and the pest control of rats.

The work of pest control is done the same way for mice-rats but we use a dispute size ratio different sized baits, security stations, adhesives (Directive 93/43 HACCP), traps etc.

The rodent control program to be effective must take consideration of the corridors-nesting the rodents.

With the use of anticoagulant baits, sticky traps and with high frequency applications to control and exterminate the population of the rodents.

For the best and safest anti-rodent our company sells and uses a wide range of safety bait stations.

ATTENTION!! Important is the creation dissuasive conditions for the entering and living conditions of the rodent which is achieved by mechanically restricting-prevent rodents entering the buildings, removing exposed food waste and making it harder to find food for the rodents (integrated waste management plan).