The Agrohealth company applies the integrated project to develop an I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) .The fragmentary deal of pests (rodents, insects) at healthcare applications that are not based on documented and comprehensive plan, but mainly in response to complaints from the clients, citizens deemed dangerous and ineffective hazardous for the environment and can hardly be a basis for the implementation of an integrated pest management program successfully.

The Agrohealth company considers necessary to prepare a comprehensive plan I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) aimed at direct suppression and elimination of the problem to its customers. The fight plan is based on a data series as records the presence of rodents and insect populations, identifying critical areas, assessing the intensity by region, identifying outbreaks and installation sites, documentation of the operations and applications of these results etc.

The Agrohealth company to successfully complete I.P.M. plan applies in three directions of policy.

As our first direction of policy we consider the high level of knowledge of our staff (higher education staff), the combination of different specialists (Agronomists, Hygienist, Chemical Engineers) as well as the continuous updating of our staff knowledge to new methods.

As a second direction of policy we consider the most complete technological equipment of our company (vehicles, Fogger, pressing high pressure turbines ULV, cranes) giving us the ability to intervene in almost any space and environment and on almost any scale work thus ensuring the highest possible efficiency of our applications.

Finally as a third direction of policy we believe our experience and knowledge resulting from the successful solution of health problems in projects in large and small scale with multiple difficulty factors.

All these directions are always combined with the cooperation of our clients completes the circle that bring the best results possible and safe solution to any problem and need of our customers.