Agrohealth in collaboration with her specialized scientists that carries out targeted interventions using specialized ULV COLD FOGGING machines also known as disinfection of areas with nebulization-fogging with specialized and approved chemical-disinfectants (CoVID) -2, koronavirus) completing the sanitary requirements for indoor disinfection, home disinfection, apartment disinfection, business disinfection, hotel disinfection, industrial disinfection, warehouse disinfection, company disinfection, office disinfection.

The complete treatment comes only from specialized applications of disinfection of areas with nebulization-fogging always in combination with complete daily disinfection programs for the cleaning of the area that we want to consolidate.

Agrohealth undertakes with microbicide disinfection crews to fight COVID 19 and other human pathogenic microorganisms in all kinds of indoor and outdoor work such as private (home disinfection – apartment disinfection), business disinfection, disinfection dismantling, disinfection of factories, disinfection of restaurants, offices throughout Attica and Central Greece and Nationwide by agreement as well as the issuance of a Certificate of Disinfection Work (Certificate of Disinfection).

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Caution!!! We are constantly informed about the evolution of Koronavirus and we faithfully follow the suggestions of the greek national health bodies