The work of disinfection due to the  morphological characteristics of insects differentiate into two main categories. This job of crawling insects (cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, termites, ants, etc.) and that the flying insects work (mosquitoes, flies, wasps, etc.).

The work of disinfection is conducted with different means and materials depending on the physiology, biology and general lifestyle and nutrition of these insects.

The most common way of eradicating insects are crawling low pressure sprays with various formulations-approved active substances in living spaces, transit and reproduction of insects walkers. Another way of eradicating insects are baited insecticide which is attracted by special gel and also attractant sticky surfaces where mechanical trapment occurs the extermination of insects walkers. Such similar sticky surfaces combined with specific light spectrum lamps used to attract and trap machines flying insects (insect killers).

The usual pest control formulations are those of pyrethroid insecticides, growth regulators-IGR, the gel, organic preparations (bacilli).

ATTENTION!! Important is not to create the ideal conditions for insects to invade and habitat in our living areas. This is done with using sieves, grease traps (sewage) and the removal of foods litters (integrated waste management plan) and the correct hygiene (cleaning-disinfection).