Among the arthropod(insect) health importance Diptera constitute a significant sum, both the number of species that include, as well as to the economic importance of presenting. In rural and urban areas to deal Diptera-Mosquito (health importance) must obtain the knowledge of their discrimination, the knowledge of the bio-ecology and economic impact on humans, animals and the environment in general. This impact is likely to make areas unusable agricultural, tourist, residential.

The problems these insects cause involving the direct (hint, sucking blood, tissue destruction, etc.) and indirect (transmission of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites) effect of ditireating the public health. The emergence of malaria worldwide and other mosquito transferring diseases  justifies the concerns of health agencies and justifies the annual systematic monitoring and control of these insects.

The Agrohealth develop integrated project study I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) for the recognition and identification, control of populations and treatment spraying( IGR pesticides) in mosquito birth-habitat areas.